Laura Ganesh Spine Breeze



One of the first d-VISION™ projects, was to re-design the Keter Plastic Chair.The designers received a concise design brief, specifying requirements such as price and manufacturing processes.This led to extensive research, including surveys of public spaces and interviews with coffee-shop patrons resulting in 14 innovative, manufacturable designs.14 chairs, each unique, all based on plastic technology. In creating these designs, the interns employed many innovative techniques, such as the use of two plastic shells, co-injection technique, integration of soft plastic materials in the backrests and seats. Several designs introduced new materials such as synthetic leather set in the seat.






An extensive research was conveyed, including surveys of public spaces and interviews with coffee-shop patrons.



As part of the pre-design process, an emphasis was put on studying the market of coffee chairs, from different materials, countries, prices and so on. Chairs from the most innovative companies were brought to the studio in order to analyze the elements which creates a certain feeling/


An extensive work was put into investigating different types of sitting. dimensions of different people were taken into account together with the environment considerations in which the chair is intend to be. All chairs were designed with the ability to pass an extensive series of tests checking their stability, durability and so on.