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ouTable is a new collection of tableware for the outdoor environment. Being in nature, whether it is in the home garden or in a picnic, gives a different experience and feeling. What is more simple and enhancing then taking a large cloth, stretching it on the ground and sitting with friends or family to enjoy the affection and the smell of the trees and flowers. The challenge was to put uniqueness, poetics and humor into everyday mass produced objects. The objects were designed to be manufactured by durable plastic. Plastic is green as long as the product is not disposable and can be recycled or made by bio-plastic.



Post-Modernism begun in the 80’s by chatting with classicism. Then it moved to a high-conceptualism in the 90’s, blurred into a mix of influences in the 00’s. In the beginning of the 20th Century, the art & craft movement contra-reacted to the industrial revolution with affection to the natural symbolism, and together with

Art Nouveau, became a movement that challenged the values of the industrialism. Nature in the beginning of the 21st century is approached differently. Instead of what was 100 years ago a romantic notion, we are now facing a real-political view that we, the humans, are threatening our own ‘home’, by what can become a global disaster. So, ‘neo-naturalism’ reflects the values of the young generation of designers who see nature not as a force to conquer but as part of our existence. In the ouTable design project the design objects are enhanced by the richness and ‘good nature’ of this approach.


Many of the objects stem from natural metaphors. Nature is rich not only in shapes and patterns but also by the use of material, construction and ‘nature engineering’.  From molecules’ structure to the way ice surface will break into cracks, nature is always surprising in the way it can inspire and tell a story. We humans abandoned the simple nature to a total artificial environment. A modern adult can quote thousand of commercial brands but can recognize by name very small number of flowers, or stars. Nature is an eternal anchor for genius and inspiration.