The construction process

The construction process consists of 3 stages:

• At first, the plastic structure is assembled using the plastic modules and parts. The assembly of the shelter does not require any special tooling and the only issue that has to be taken care of is the levelling of the ground on which the shelter is build on. The assembly of the plastic structure should take up to 2 working days to an unskilled and an unqualified worker (or half a day for a skilled team).
• The second stage is the appliance of the mud mixture on the plastic structure. The mud should be applied simultaneously from all the sides of the framework to maintain the balance of the construction. The mixture is applied from the outer and the inner side of the framework to create a stronger and more durable structure. Up to 3 tons of mud mixture should be prepared and applied onto the plastic shelter in order to create a wall of 10 cm thickness. This wall that can provide basic isolation for the future residents of the MudPlastic shelter.
• The third stage is the appliance of the second layer of the mud mixture. This stage should be done a month after the construction of the shelter; the mud mixture should be applied into the cracks that were created on the walls after the first layer of the mud mixture is dry. Then after few weeks when the second layer is dried the walls are covered with organic oil.
After this stage the MudPlastic shelter is resistant to rain and wetness and can stand without any maintenance for at least 5 years.